Intelligence and Public Security Police
پلیس اطلاعات و امنیت عمومی
Common nameSecurity Police
Operational structure
Parent agencyLaw Enforcement Force of Islamic Republic of Iran

Intelligence and Public Security Police of NAJA (Persian: پلیس اطلاعات و امنیت عمومی ناجا‎, Pelis-e Atlâ'at-e vâ Aminit-e 'mumi-ye Naja) or simply Security Police (Persian: پلیس امنیت‎, Pelis Aminit), abbreviated as PAVA (Persian: پاوا‎, Pava), is a domestic security agency and law enforcement agency in Iran. The agency a subdivision of Law Enforcement Force of Islamic Republic of Iran and part of Council for Intelligence Coordination.[1]


The PAVA has several branches subordinated to it. The most important ones are the intelligence branch, the diplomatic police, the Foreign Nationals and Immigrants’ Affairs Office, the police in charge of surveillance over public facilities and the Moral Security police.[2]

Intelligence branch

The Intelligence branch is a branch of PAVA in charge for gathering operational intelligence in social aggregations of various types, running informers networks in order to collect information, news, and rumors. The intelligence branch is also in charge with identifying and arresting people conducting illegal religious activities.[2]

Public Security Police

The Public Security Police is involved with the fight against organized crime and enforcing the Iranian telecommunications law. In recent years, the Public Security Police has also assumed an economic police role: it confronted network marketing groups and pyramid schemes.[2]

Police in charge of Supervision over Public Facilities and Locations

The police in charge of Supervision over Public Facilities and Locations (Persian: پلیس مسئول نظارت بر تأسیسات و اماکن عمومی است‎, polis-e-e nazarat- bar- amaken-e omumi) is responsible for regulating and controlling businesses such as shops, restaurants, and hotels. This Branch is in charge of issuing and revoking licenses and permits for these businesses and their workers.

Moral Security Police

The Moral Security Police (Persian: پلیس امنیت اخلاقی‎, police-e amniyat-e akhlaghi) is a sub-branch of PAVA acting as Islamic religious police centre. The branch in charge enforcing sumptuary laws or ending mixed parties. The Morality Patrol is subordinate to the Moral Security police.[2]

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