IndustryComputer security
FateAcquired by Cisco Systems
SuccessorCisco Systems
HeadquartersSan Bruno, California, United States
ParentCisco Systems

IronPort Systems, Inc., headquartered in San Bruno, California, was a company that designed and sold products and services that were intended to protect enterprises against internet threats.

IronPort was founded in December 2000 by Scott Banister and Scott Weiss.[1]

It was best known for IronPort AntiSpam, the SenderBase email reputation service, and email security appliances. These appliances ran a modified FreeBSD kernel under the trademark AsyncOS.[2] On November 24, 2003, IronPort acquired the SpamCop filtering and reporting service, which it ran as a stand-alone entity.[3]

Cisco Systems announced on January 4, 2007 that it would buy IronPort in a deal valued at US$830 million,[4][5] and completed the acquisition on June 25, 2007.[6] IronPort was integrated into the Cisco Security business unit.[7] SenderBase was renamed SensorBase to take account of the input into this database that other Cisco devices provide. SensorBase allows these devices to build a risk profile on IP addresses, therefore allowing risk profiles to be dynamically created on HTTP sites and SMTP email sources.[8]


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