An iron man match is a professional wrestling match type that is set to go a specific amount of time, usually 30 or 60 minutes, with the competitor with the most falls at the end of that time named the victor.[1] On the occasions of a draw, a sudden death "final fall" may be requested by either side, with the other able to accept or decline,[2] or an authority can order the match to go into overtime in the case of any championship match.


Iron man matches generally operate under the same rules as any other professional wrestling bout, but instead of the match having to be over before a time limit is up, the iron man match goes the full length of the allotted time, with each wrestler attempting to score as many falls in that time as possible. The wrestler who has the most decisions at the end of the match is declared the winner.

Some iron man matches have an interval between falls. In 2009, a match between John Cena and Randy Orton had a 30-second rest period after each fall, in part due to that match being billed as "anything goes" (only pinfalls and submissions counted as falls, which can also be done outside the ring, but not count outs or disqualifications). The 2003 match between Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar had a 15-second rest period after each fall, regardless of how it occurred.

Should the match result in a tie, sudden death overtime may be requested by either wrestler as a plot device, and it is accepted or rejected by either an opponent or an authority figure. After Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle tied 2–2 in a 30-minute iron man match, Michaels begged Angle to go sudden death, but Angle walked off.

Sudden deaths are especially common in title matches. This is because, in the event of a draw, the champion will always retain the title. Commissioner Gorilla Monsoon ordered sudden death (after onscreen president Rowdy Roddy Piper had stated that there "must be a winner") after Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart failed to score a decision at WrestleMania XII, and Christopher Daniels requested sudden death against A.J. Styles at TNA Against All Odds 2005.

Iron man match history

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)

Several iron man matches have taken place at house shows. The Rockers faced off against the Rougeau Brothers throughout much of 1989. Bret Hart wrestled two from 1993-1994 against Ric Flair and Hart's brother, Owen. John Cena faced off against Seth Rollins for Cena's WWE United States Championship at house shows in October 2015. Kevin Owens and A.J. Styles faced off in a 30-Minute Iron Man match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at a house show in March 2016.[3]

# Match (length) Title Score Event, date and location Arena
1 Bret Hart (c) defeated Ric Flair (1:00:00) WWF World Heavyweight Championship 3–2 WWE live event
January 9, 1993, Boston, Massachusetts
Boston Garden
2 Bret Hart (c) defeated Owen Hart (1:00:00) WWF World Heavyweight Championship 3–2 WWE live event
July 8, 1994, East Rutherford, New Jersey
Brendan Byrne Arena
3 Shawn Michaels defeated Bret Hart (c) (1:01:56) Overtime WWF World Heavyweight Championship 1–0 WrestleMania XII
March 31, 1996, Anaheim, CA
Arrowhead Pond
4 Triple H defeated The Rock (c) (1:00:00) WWF Championship 6–5 Judgment Day
May 21, 2000, Louisville, KY
Freedom Hall
5 Chris Benoit defeated Kurt Angle (31:51) Overtime
"Ultimate Submission match"
None 4–3 Backlash
April 29, 2001, Rosemont, IL
Allstate Arena
6 Brock Lesnar defeated Kurt Angle (c) (1:00:00) WWE Championship 5–4 SmackDown
September 18, 2003, Raleigh, NC
RBC Center
7 Chris Benoit (c) defeated Triple H (1:00:00) World Heavyweight Championship 4–3 Raw
July 26, 2004, Pittsburgh, PA
Mellon Arena
8 MNM (Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury) (c) defeated Charlie Haas and Hardcore Holly (15:00) WWE Tag Team Championship 2–1 SmackDown
June 2, 2005, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Rexall Place
9 Kurt Angle drew with Shawn Michaels (30:00) None 2–2 Raw
October 3, 2005, Dallas, TX
American Airlines Center
10 John Morrison and The Miz (c) drew with Jimmy Wang Yang and Shannon Moore (15:00)
"Fifteen Minutes of Fame match"
WWE Tag Team Championship 1–1 ECW
January 8, 2008, Philadelphia, PA
Wachovia Center
11 John Cena defeated Randy Orton (c) (1:00:00)
"Anything Goes Ironman match"
WWE Championship 6–5 Bragging Rights
October 25, 2009, Pittsburgh, PA
Mellon Arena
12 Triple H vs Curtis Axel had no winner because Vince McMahon interrupted the match. (Theoretically 1:00:00 but the match was disrupted).[4][5]

Mr. McMahon promptly stopped the match and declaring Axel the winner via Disqualification and, later, Forfeit before absconding with the bell and microphone so as to prevent any technicality-fused resumption of the match by The Game, whose final attempt at initiating a 60-Minute Iron Man Match was dismissed with one brusque command from The Chairman's tongue.

None 0-0 Raw
June 10, 2013, Richmond, Virginia
Richmond Coliseum
13 Bayley (c) defeated Sasha Banks (30:00)[6] NXT Women's Championship 3–2 NXT TakeOver: Respect
October 7, 2015, Winter Park, FL
Full Sail University
14 Kevin Owens (c) defeated AJ Styles (30:00) WWE Intercontinental Championship 2–1 WWE live event
March 12, 2016, Atlantic City, New Jersey
Boardwalk Hall
15 Charlotte Flair defeated Sasha Banks (c) (34:45) Overtime WWE Raw Women's Championship 3–2 Roadblock: End of the Line
December 18, 2016, Pittsburgh, PA
PPG Paints Arena
16 Cesaro and Sheamus (c) defeated The Hardy Boyz (Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy) (30:00) WWE Raw Tag Team Championship 4–3 Great Balls of Fire
July 9, 2017, Dallas, TX
American Airlines Center
17 Dolph Ziggler (c) defeated Seth Rollins (30:10) Overtime WWE Intercontinental Championship 5–4 Extreme Rules
July 15, 2018, Pittsburgh, PA
PPG Paints Arena
18 Finn Bálor vs. Adam Cole vs. Tommaso Ciampa vs. Johnny Gargano ended in a draw between Bálor and Cole (1:00:00)

NXT General Manager William Regal called the match a tie after both Cole and Bálor scored 2 falls, and they both had a match with each other the following Tuesday on NXT Super Tuesday II for the vacant NXT Championship.

NXT Championship 2-2-1-1 NXT Super Tuesday
September 1, 2020, Winter Park, FL
Full Sail University

Participant list


Wrestler Victories Appearances
Chris Benoit 2 2
Bret Hart 2 3
Brock Lesnar 1 1
Joey Mercury 1 1
John Cena 1 1
Kevin Owens 1 1
Cesaro 1 1
Sheamus 1 1
Dolph Ziggler 1 1
Triple H 1 3
Shawn Michaels 1 2
Johnny Nitro/John Morrison 1 2
Ric Flair 0 1
Owen Hart 0 1
The Rock 0 1
Charlie Haas 0 1
Hardcore Holly 0 1
The Miz 0 1
Jimmy Wang Yang 0 1
Shannon Moore 0 1
Randy Orton 0 1
AJ Styles 0 1
Jeff Hardy 0 1
Matt Hardy 0 1
Seth Rollins 0 1
Finn Bálor 0 1
Tommaso Ciampa 0 1
Adam Cole 0 1
Johnny Gargano 0 1
Kurt Angle 0 3


Wrestler Victories Appearances
Bayley 1 1
Charlotte Flair 1 1
Sasha Banks 0 2

World Championship Wrestling (WCW)

# Match (length) Title Score Event, date and location Arena
1 Ricky Steamboat defeated Rick Rude (30:00) None 4–3 Beach Blast (1992)
June 20, 1992, Mobile, AL
Mobile Civic Center
2 Dustin Rhodes and Rick Rude fought to a draw (30:00) Vacant WCW United States Heavyweight Championship 1–1 Beach Blast (1993)
July 18, 1993, Biloxi, MS
Mississippi Coast Coliseum

Participant list

Wrestler Victories Appearances
Ricky Steamboat 1 1
Dustin Rhodes 0 1
Rick Rude 0 2

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) / Impact Wrestling

# Match (length) Title Score Event, date and location Arena
1 A.J. Styles (c) defeated Christopher Daniels (31:37) overtime TNA X Division Championship 2–1 Against All Odds
February 13, 2005, Orlando, Florida
TNA Impact! Zone
2 A.J. Styles (c) defeated Christopher Daniels (30:00) TNA X Division Championship 1–0 Bound for Glory
October 23, 2005, Orlando, Florida
TNA Impact! Zone
3 Kurt Angle defeated Samoa Joe (30:00) To determine the No. 1 contender for the
NWA World Heavyweight Championship
3–2 Final Resolution
January 14, 2007, Orlando, Florida
TNA Impact! Zone
4 Douglas Williams (c) drew with A.J. Styles (15:00 + 5:00 sudden overtime) TNA Television Championship 1–1 TNA Impact!
December 23, 2010, Orlando, Florida
TNA Impact! Zone
5 Bobby Roode (c) drew with A.J. Styles (30:00) TNA World Heavyweight Championship 3–3 Final Resolution
December 11, 2011, Orlando, Florida
Impact Wrestling Zone
6 Bobby Roode (c) defeated A.J. Styles (5:00 + sudden death overtime) TNA World Heavyweight Championship 1–0 TNA Impact Wrestling
December 15, 2011, Orlando, Florida
Impact Wrestling Zone
7 The Wolves (Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards) defeated Dirty Heels (Austin Aries and Bobby Roode) (30:00) Vacant TNA World Tag Team Championship 2–1 TNA Impact Wrestling
July 1, 2015, Orlando, Florida
Impact Wrestling Zone
8 Lashley defeated Eddie Edwards (c) (30:00) TNA World Heavyweight Championship 3–2 TNA Impact Wrestling
January 26, 2017, Orlando, Florida
Impact Wrestling Zone
9 Deonna Purrazzo (c) defeated Jordynne Grace (30:00) Impact Knockouts Championship 2–1 Emergence
August 25, 2020, Nashville, Tennessee
Skyway Studios
10 Josh Alexander (c) defeated TJP (60:00) Impact X Division Championship 2–1 Impact!
June 3, 2021, Nashville, Tennessee
Skyway Studios

Participant list


Wrestler Victories Appearances
A.J. Styles 2 5
Davey Richards 1 1
Josh Alexander 1 1
Kurt Angle 1 1
Lashley 1 1
Eddie Edwards 1 2
Bobby Roode 1 3
Austin Aries 0 1
Douglas Williams 0 1
Samoa Joe 0 1
TJP 0 1
Christopher Daniels 0 2


Wrestler Victories Appearances
Deonna Purrazzo 1 1
Jordynne Grace 0 1

All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

# Match (length) Title Score Event, date and location Arena
1 Kenny Omega defeated Pac (31:01) Overtime None 2–1 AEW Dynamite
February 26, 2020, Independence, Missouri
Silverstein Eye Centers Arena

Participant list

Wrestler Victories Appearances
Kenny Omega 1 1
Pac 0 1


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