Italexit for Italy
Italexit per l'Italia
SecretaryGianluigi Paragone
Founded23 July 2020
Split fromFive Star Movement
HeadquartersVia dei Grimani 4, Milan
NewspaperIl Paragone[n 1]
Political positionBig tent[6]
Colours  Blue
Chamber of Deputies
1 / 630
4 / 315
European Parliament
0 / 76
Regional Councils
0 / 897

Italexit, whose complete name is Italexit for Italy (Italian: Italexit per l'Italia), is a Eurosceptic political party in Italy, which advocates the country's exit from the eurozone and the European Union.[7][8] Its founder and current leader is Gianluigi Paragone,[9][10] senator and former TV journalist, who has defined himself as a "conservative",[11] and presented Italexit as a "conservative party".[12]

Paragone opposes Italy's membership in the NATO alliance.[13][14][5]


In January 2020, Five Star Movement (M5S) senator and former journalist[n 2] Gianluigi Paragone, known for his Eurosceptic stance, was expelled from the party after he abstained in the vote of confidence for the government, which was supported by M5S and the Democratic Party, and had also voted against the 2022 budget.[15] In the following months, Paragone was speaking about a new party, talking about the "need for courage...and money."[16]

In July 2020, a few weeks after meeting with Nigel Farage, the founder of the pro-Brexit UK Independence Party,[17] Paragone launched Italexit with the stated goal of taking Italy out of the European Union.[4]

Two M5S senators, Carlo Martelli and Mario Giarrusso, defected to Italexit in 2021,[18] while, in 2022, League senator William De Vecchis and deputy Jessica Costanzo, who had been already expelled from the M5S, also joined.[19][20]

Gianluigi Paragone, party's founder and leader
Gianluigi Paragone, party's founder and leader

Between 2021 and 2022, the party was critical towards the policies of Mario Draghi's national unity government[21] applied in order to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy. Italexit strongly opposed the EU Digital COVID Certificate, also known as "Green Pass", which, from October 2021 onwards, became mandatory to work and travel in the country.[22] Paragone labeled the vaccination certificate an "obligation of infamy,"[23] stated that he was not vaccinated, and described his opposition to mandatory vaccination as a "religious war".[24]

In the 2021 Milan municipal election, Paragone obtained 2.99% of the vote and came in third behind incumbent mayor Giuseppe Sala of the centre-left coalition and Luca Bernardo of the centre-right coalition. Because he did not surpass the 3 percent electoral threshold he did not get elected to the municipal council.[25] Elsewhere, in the 2021 local elections, Italexit's candidates scored from 0.8% of the vote in Turin,[26] to 2.0% in Bologna.[27]

In the 2022 Italian local elections, Italexit scored from 0.9% of the vote in Como[28] to 2.6% in Alessandria.[29]

In June 2022, Italexit held in Rome its first congress, at the end of which, on the 26th, its organizational chart and political platform were approved, while Gianluigi Paragone was unanimously elected party secretary.[30]

On 31 July, Paragone announced the formation of a joint list of candidates for the 2022 Italian general election with Alternativa,[31] a party supportive of dirigisme and economic interventionism,[32] established in November 2021 by former Five Star Movement members. After five days, on 5 August 2022, Alternativa announced the dissolution of the electoral alliance with Italexit, on the grounds that neofascists were ostensibly present within Italexit's lists of candidates.[33] Paragone responded by accusing Alternativa of attempting to "use [Italexit] as a taxi to the Parliament."[34]

Paragone has stated that he wants Italy to exit from the NATO alliance, as well as to cease sanctions against Russia,[n 3] sanctions which, he declared, "are causing damage to [the country's] economy."[13][14][5]


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As declared in the program for 2022 Italian general election, the party proposes a return of Italian sovereignty (especially fiscal and monetary) in contrast to the influence of European Union, with the orientation being strongly eurosceptic and critical of part of the same Italian political and bureaucratic establishment. In this sense, it suggests policies such as the nationalization of the Bank of Italy and other strategic assets (energy, roads, communications and water) and a social public expenditure.

Regarding COVID-19, Italexit is against social limitations and EU Digital COVID Certificate, and proposes public compensations for victims of adverse effects of COVID-19 vaccines and a public inquiry about the Italian management of COVID-19 pandemic.[35]

Electoral results

Italian Parliament

Chamber of Deputies
Election year Votes % Seats +/− Leaders
2022 TBD
0 / 400
Senate of the Republic
Election year Votes % Seats +/− Leaders
2022 TBD
0 / 200

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  3. ^ See 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine.


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