Italian Animalist Party
Partito Animalista Italiano
LeaderCristiano Ceriello
SecretaryFilippo Borsellino
SpokespersonNicolas Micheletti
Founded4 July 2006
HeadquartersVia Armando Diaz, 140 San Giuseppe Vesuviano (NA)
Youth wingGioventù Animalista
IdeologyAnimal rights
Animal welfare
Political positionLeft-wing
European affiliationEuropean Alliance for Freedom and Democracy
Animal Politics EU
International affiliationAnimal Politics Foundation
Chamber of Deputies
0 / 630
0 / 315
European Parliament
0 / 76
Regional Councils
1 / 897

The Italian Animalist Party (Partito Animalista Italiano) is the animal rights political party of Italy. It was founded on 4 July 2006 and is led by Cristiano Ceriello.


Italian member of Animal Politics EU, participating in the creation of the European Animalist Manifesto, is the Italian Animalist Party, founded in 2006 by the lawyer and activist for animal rights Cristiano Ceriello, director of several animalistic documentaries such as Caccia SpA and Vegetarian Party. The main objectives of the Italian Animalist Party are animal liberation and the salvation of planet Earth from global warming.

In 2019, the Italian Animalist Party, with Cristiano Ceriello leader all over Italy, participated in the 2019 European Parliament election, obtaining 0.6% at national level, making it the tenth Italian political party by number of preferences.[1]

Even if the Animalist Party did not elect deputies given the 4% barrier, they deal with the case by presenting the AntiItalicum lawyers led by the lawyer Felice Besostri after a short appeal, who in the past has already canceled electoral laws such as Porcellum and Italicum, who believe that the barrier threshold is contrary to the new provisions of the Treaty of Lisbon and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. The appeal in 2020 will be decided by the Council of State. In case of acceptance, the Animalist Party would be entitled to one of the three additional seats that would be assigned to Italy after the completion of Brexit, from the North-East, Central and South circumscriptions. Considering how in all these three Cristiano Ceriello was the most voted candidate of the Animalist Party, in case of acceptance of the new appeal of the "AntiItalikum Lawyers" for the 2019 European Championships, Ceriello would be elected to the European Parliament.[2][3]

In 2020, it organized food collections for animals during the COVID-19 pandemic in Italy[4] and presented a petition to the president of the province of Trento, the Prefect and the Minister of the Environment to ask for the release of the M49 bear.[5] In May, he filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor's Office of Syracuse for the killing of a stray dog by dragging.[6]

Electoral results

European Parliament

European Parliament
Election year Votes % Seats +/− Leader
2019 160,270 0.60
0 / 76
Cristiano Ceriello

Regional elections

Election Votes % Seats
2020 Apulian 5 573 0.33
0 / 51
2020 Campania 33 681 1.43
1 / 51
2020 Valdostan 1 084 1.64
0 / 35


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