Itokazu Castle
Nanjō, Okinawa
Itokazu Castle.jpg
Ruins of Itokazu Castle
Site information
Controlled byNanzan (14th century–1429)
 Ryūkyū Kingdom (1429–1879)
 Empire of Japan (1879–1945)
US flag 48 stars.svg
United States Military Government of the Ryukyu Islands(1945-1950)
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United States Civil Administration of the Ryukyu Islands(1950-1972)
Open to
the public
Site history
BuiltMid-14th century
MaterialsRyukyuan limestone, wood
Garrison information
OccupantsAji of Tamagusuku Magiri

Itokazu Castle (糸数城, Itokazu jō, Okinawan: Ichukaji Gushiku) is a Ryukyuan gusuku in Nanjō, Okinawa. It was built with Ryūkyūan limestone in the mid-14th century. It is now in ruins.


The castle was built in the Gusuku Period of Ryukyuan history. It was the home of the Aji of Tamagusuku Magiri. After Nanzan was conquered in 1429 by Shō Hashi, it came under the control of the Ryukyu Kingdom.