Jabal Daka
Jabal Dakka, Al Shafa.jpg
Jabal Dakka, Al-Shafa, Hejaz
Highest point
Elevation2,500–2,900 m (8,200–9,500 ft)
CoordinatesCoordinates: 21°06′N 40°17′E / 21.100°N 40.283°E / 21.100; 40.283
Native name
Jabal Daka is located in Saudi Arabia
Jabal Daka
Jabal Daka
Saudi Arabia
Location Saudi Arabia

Jabal Dakkā (Arabic: جَبَل دَكَّا) or "Mount Dhaka", is the highest mountain in the area of the town of Ash-Shafā (Arabic: ٱلشَّفَا, lit.'The Cure'),[1] about 20 km (12 mi) from the city of Taif, located in the western region of Saudi Arabia.[2]


The height of the top of the mountain is between 2,500 and 2,900 metres (8,200 and 9,500 feet) above sea level, this has caused a controversy with the timing of the sunset for Ramadan, as the sun stays on the peak two minutes longer than the surrounding area. To resolve the controversy a panel of religious scholars visited the mountain to observe sunset.[3] The committee of legitimacy, including a member of the Supreme Council of Saudi Scholars Abdullah al-Mutlaq determined that the peak need not adhere to calendar.


The mountain is located 20 kilometres (12 miles) south-west of Taif. It overlooks the Shifa tourist center. The mountain is used to know the dates of prayer, fasting and breakfast in the month of Ramadan. The vegetation of the mountain is covered with juniper trees, the plant covers the bottom of the mountain and then gradually thins out until it reaches the top. The temperature of the top reaches below 0 °C (32 °F) in the winter. The mountain has a tourist resort just 7 km (4.3 mi) away from the Shifa.[4]


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Hamadryas baboons are present here.[5]


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