James V. Grimaldi
EducationBachelor's in Journalism, University of Maryland, - Master's in Journalism, Columbia University
EmployerWall Street Journal
TitleSenior writer
AwardsTwo Pulitzer Prizes

James V. Grimaldi is an American journalist, investigative reporter, and Senior Writer with the Wall Street Journal.[1] He has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize, twice, for investigative reporting in 1996, with the staff of the Orange County Register, and in 2006, for his work on the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal while working for The Washington Post.[2][3]


Grimaldi graduated with his bachelor's degree from the University of Missouri in 1984.[1] He received his master's degree, in 1993, at the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University, as a Knight-Bagehot fellow in business and economics journalism.[1]

As an educator

Grimaldi has addressed the topic of investigative reporting and the use of the Freedom of Information Act (United States), as a lecturer at George Washington University, Boston College, the University of Maryland, College Park, American University, and Georgetown University.[1] He has also been a Ferris Professor at Princeton University.[4]

Background and career

Grimaldi's work has focused on accountability stories about Congress, politicians, presidential campaigns, D.C. public schools, the Washington Redskins, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Zoo, and many other areas. He has won several awards during his career and is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize.[1] His work with the staff of The Washington Post on "The Hidden Life of Guns" series, won him the Freedom of Information medal.[5]

Grimaldi began his career in journalism after graduation; his first job was writing about the police and the border patrol for the San Diego Tribune, in 1984.[1] He left after three years, to work for the Orange County Register, in California, where he worked on a series of stories about a women's prison and contributed to the Pulitzer prize-winning series about the scandal at a University of California hospital fertility clinic.[3][6]

Grimaldi left the Register, to join an accelerated study program, after winning a Knight-Bagehot fellowship, earning his master's degree through the program.[7] After graduation, he returned to the Register and in 1996 he moved to Washington, D.C. to work as bureau chief.[1]

In 1998, Grimaldi went to work for The Seattle Times.[1] His work at the Times included coverage of Boeing and the antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft.[7][8][9]

In 2000, he left to begin what would become a 12-year career with The Washington Post, where he continued coverage of Microsoft.[1] Grimaldi, with other staff members, won the Pulitzer prize for a series of stories covering the Jack Abramoff scandals, as well as stories about presidential and congressional elections.[1] He contributed to the book, "Deadlock: The Inside Story of America's Closest Election," as well as wrote about the ballot dispute during the 2000 United States presidential election recount in Florida.[10][11] Grimaldi also wrote about the September 11 attacks.[1][12][13] In 2012, Grimaldi left the Post to join The Wall Street Journal, where he is currently working as a Senior Editor.[1]

Grimaldi has served as a board member, and president with the Investigative Reporters and Editors and on the steering committee of the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press.[1][4]



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