Jebel Ghawil
جَبَل غَوِيْل (in Arabic)
Village and mountain
Jebel Ghawil is located in Oman
Jebel Ghawil
Jebel Ghawil
Location in Oman
Coordinates: 24°34′N 56°01′E / 24.567°N 56.017°E / 24.567; 56.017Coordinates: 24°34′N 56°01′E / 24.567°N 56.017°E / 24.567; 56.017
Country Oman
RegionAl Buraimi Governorate
Time zoneUTC+4 (Oman Standard Time)

Jebel Ghawil (Arabic: جَبَل غَوِيْل, romanizedJabal Ġawīl) is a village[citation needed] and a mountain in Al Buraimi Governorate, in northwestern Oman. The village lies northwest of Abud.


Geologically Jebel Ghawil constitutes a formation with Jebel Suweini.[1] It consists of Triassic limestone, which is said to be "underlain by a thick sequence of pillow lavas, which are partly imbricated with cherts".[2] There are three sills intruded into basaltic lavas and tuffs dated to the late Triassic and its sills reportedly give K-Ar ages on separated biotites of 93-4 ±4Ma.[3]


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