Jeff Bonwick in 2010

Jeff Bonwick invented and led development of the ZFS file system,[1] which was used in Oracle Corporation's ZFS storage products as well as startups including Nexenta, Delphix, Joyent, and Datto, Inc.[2][3] Bonwick is also the inventor of slab allocation,[4] which is used in many operating systems including MacOS and Linux, and the LZJB compression algorithm.

His roles included Sun Fellow,[5][6] Sun Storage CTO,[7] and Oracle vice president.[8]


In 2010 Bonwick co-founded a small company called DSSD with Mike Shapiro and Bill Moore, and became chief technical officer.[9] He co-invented DSSD's system hardware architecture and software. He developed DSSD's whole-system simulator, which enabled the team to explore possible hardware topologies and software algorithms.[10] DSSD was acquired by EMC Corporation in 2014,[11] which then became part of Dell Technologies in 2016. By the end of 2016, Bill Moore had left the company, while Bonwick remained as CTO.[12] The DSSD product, called D5, was cancelled in March 2017.[13]


Bonwick invented LZJB, a lossless data compression algorithm to compress crash dumps and data in ZFS. The software is CDDL license licensed. It includes a number of improvements to the LZRW1 algorithm, a member of the Lempel–Ziv family of compression algorithms.[14] The name LZJB is derived from its parent algorithm and its creator — Lempel Ziv Jeff Bonwick.


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