The Jenkins Commission was the European Commission that held office from 6 January 1977 to 6 January 1981. Its President was Roy Jenkins.


It was the successor to the Ortoli Commission and was succeeded by the Thorn Commission. Despite stagnating growth and a higher energy bill, the Jenkins Commission oversaw the development of the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union from 1977, which began in 1979 as the European Monetary System, a forerunner of the Single Currency or euro.[1][2] President Jenkins was the first President to attend a G8 summit on behalf of the Community.[3]


The Jenkins Commission
Portfolio(s) Commissioner Member state Party affiliation
President Roy Jenkins  United Kingdom Labour
Taxation, Consumer Affairs, Transport Richard Burke  Ireland Fine Gael
External Relations
Wilhelm Haferkamp  West Germany SPD
Energy, Research, Science Guido Brunner  West Germany FDP
Competition Raymond Vouel  Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party
Internal Market, Customs Union, Industrial Affairs Étienne Davignon  Belgium none
Employment and Social Affairs
Henk Vredeling  Netherlands PvdA
Finn Olav Gundelach  Denmark
Economic and Finance, Credit and Investments
François-Xavier Ortoli  France Gaullist
Development Claude Cheysson  France Socialist Party
Regional Policy Antonio Giolitti  Italy PSI
Enlargement, Environment, Nuclear Safety
Lorenzo Natali  Italy Christian Democrat
Budget and Financial Control, Financial Institutions Christopher Tugendhat  United Kingdom Conservative Party

Summary by political leanings

The colour of the row indicates the approximate political leaning of the office holder using the following scheme:

Affiliation No. of Commissioners
Right leaning / Conservative 4
Liberal 1
Left leaning / Socialist 6
None / Independent 2


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