Maharaja Jhanda Singh Dhillon (died 1774) was a Jat Sikh warrior of the late 18th century. Moreover, he was Maharaja of Amritsar, Lahore, Jhang, Bhera and Hasan Abdal. Under Jhanda Singh's leadership and statesmanship he increased the army's strength by 40% from 12000 to 20000 regular horsemen[citation needed] and accompanied by a huge increase in territory.[citation needed] Under his leadership the Dhillon family became the dominant de facto ruling power of Punjab. His father was Hari Singh Dhillon, one of the most powerful Sikh warriors of the time.[citation needed] He also had a warrior brother Ganda Singh Dhillon. Jhanda Singh appointed his younger brother Ganda Singh as the commander in chief of the forces. Jassa Singh Ramgarhia was one of the closest friends of Jhanda Singh.[citation needed]

Preceded byHari Singh Dhillon Fourth Leader of Bhangi Misl 1764–1774 Succeeded byGanda Singh Dhillon

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