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Coordinates: 33°15′25″N 115°22′29″E / 33.2570°N 115.3746°E / 33.2570; 115.3746Coordinates: 33°15′25″N 115°22′29″E / 33.2570°N 115.3746°E / 33.2570; 115.3746
CountryPeople's Republic of China
Prefecture-level cityFuyang
 • Total667.3 km2 (257.6 sq mi)
39 m (128 ft)
Time zoneUTC+8 (CST)
Postal Code

Jieshou (Chinese: 界首; pinyin: Jièshǒu) is a county-level city under the administration of Fuyang City, located on the Huang-Huai Plain in northwestern Anhui province, People's Republic of China. Jieshou, an important commercial port and gateway, borders Henan Province on the west and the Ying River, a major tributary of the Huai River flows in a southeasterly direction across the county to Fuyang. According to the "China Statistical Yearbook" the population of Jieshou city stood at 109,103 in 2010,[1] while GeoNames, puts the population at over 140,000 inhabitants.[2] Covering a total area of 667 square kilometers, the county-level city comprises three urban sub-districts of Jieshou, and in the surrounding rural area a further 15 towns and townships make up the total population of 740,000.[3]


During the Qing dynasty Jieshou was part of the Yingzhou Prefecture.

Administrative divisions

In the present, Jieshou City has3 sub-districts, 12 towns, and 3 townships.[4]

  • Guangwu (光武镇 : Guāngwǔ)
  • Lucun (芦村镇 : Lúcūn)
  • Xinmaji (新马集镇 : Xīnmǎjí)
  • Dahuang (大黄镇 : Dàhuáng)
  • Tianying (田营镇 : Tiányíng)
  • Taomiao (陶庙镇 : Táomiào)
  • Quanyang (泉阳镇 : Quányáng) - it was renamed from Yangquan (阳泉镇).
  • Wangji (王集镇 : Wángjí)
  • Zhuanji (砖集镇 : Zhuānjí)
  • Guji (顾集镇 : Gùjí)
  • Daiqiao (代桥镇 : Dàiqiáo)
  • Shuzhuang (舒庄镇 : Shūzhuāng)


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