Jin Jun Mei
Jin Jun Mei.jpg

Other namesBeautiful Golden Eyebrows
OriginWuyi Mountains, Fujian Province, China

Jin Jun Mei tea
Traditional Chinese金駿眉
Simplified Chinese金骏眉
Literal meaningBeautiful Golden Eyebrows
Jin Jun Mei tea is grown in Fujian province, China
Jin Jun Mei tea is grown in Fujian province, China

Jinjunmei (金駿眉) is a celebrated black tea from the Wuyi Mountains in Fujian Province, China. It is made exclusively from the buds plucked in early spring from the tea plant. The buds are subsequently fully oxidized and then roasted to yield a tea that has a sweet, fruity and flowery flavour with a long-lasting sweet after-taste.[1] The brew is bright reddish in colour. It is a representative of high-end black tea in Fujian and has now become one of the most expensive varieties of black tea in China.


In 2005, a group of tea enthusiasts from Beijing visited Tongmu village in Nanping and proposed using buds to make the highest grade of Zhengshan Xiaozhong black tea. In the same year, Jin Jun Mei was first developed by Jiang Yuanxun,[2] Chairman of Wuyi Mountains Zhengshan Tea Industry in Fujian and his team of tea makers led by Liang Junde, a master tea maker. Jin Jun Mei basically follows the traditional manufacturing process of Zhengshan Xiaozhong, while only picking the fresh buds from Tongmu Village.


The tea has a sweet taste and is very resistant to brewing. It can be brewed 12 times and the taste remains full and sweet.


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