Jinjiang Action Park
Shanghai Ferris Wheel, at Jinjiang Action Park
LocationXuhui District, Shanghai
Opened1984 (1984)

Jinjiang Action Park (simplified Chinese: 锦江乐园; traditional Chinese: 錦江樂園; pinyin: Jǐnjiāng Lèyuán) is a large amusement park at No. 201 Hongmei Road in Xuhui District, Shanghai. Founded in 1984, it is affiliated to the Jinjiang Group.


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The park can be reached by taking Shanghai Metro Line 1 to Jinjiang Park station.

Also, Hukun Expressway reach the park directly. As well, more than 20 bus routes have stops set up there.

Ferris wheel

Jinjiang Action Park is the home of the Shanghai Ferris Wheel, a giant 108-metre (354 ft) tall Ferris wheel. The wheel has a diameter of 98 metres (322 ft), and takes about 20–25 minutes to complete one rotation.[1]

Its 63 passenger cars can each carry 6 passengers who, on a clear day, can see the giant Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Pudong, the Songpu, Fengpu and Xupu bridges on the Huangpu River in the south, and Sheshan Hill in the west.[2]

Construction started in November 2002 and it began operating in May 2003, having cost over 10 million yuan (US$1.2 million) to build.[2]


Coordinates: 31°08′28″N 121°24′13″E / 31.14111°N 121.40361°E / 31.14111; 121.40361