Jjapaguri (ram-don) with beef, as featured in Parasite

Jjapaguri or Chapaguri (Korean: 짜파구리), also known in English as ram-don, is a Korean noodle dish made by a combination of Chapagetti and Neoguri, two types of instant noodles produced by Nongshim.[1] Irene Jiang of Insider described it as "comfort food".[2] University of California East Asian studies professor Jennifer Jung-Kim described it as, as paraphrased by Sarah Coughlin, "a budget comfort food", and Coughlin herself described it as 'a uniquely Korean dish".[3]


Jjapaguri gained prominence on the internet and in South Korean pojangmachas when it was featured on an episode of Dad! Where Are We Going? in 2013.[4]

Darcy Paquet, the translator of the 2019 film Parasite, rendered the dish, featured in the film, as ram-don, meaning ramen-udon.[1] The English version of the film shows packages labelled in English "ramyeon" and "udon" to highlight to English speakers how the name was created. Paquet believed the word ram-don did not previously exist as he found no results on Google.[5] People began posting videos on how to make the dish on YouTube after the film was distributed.[1] The popularity of the dish led to Nongshim, the manufacturer of both products, selling a singular Chapaguri instant noodle package.[4]


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