Johanan ben Baroka (or Johanan b. Baroka; Hebrew: רבי יוחנן בן בְּרוֹקַה, or sometimes spelled יוחנן בן ברוקא, both read as Yochanan ben [son of] Beroka) was a second and third generation Jewish Tanna sage (2nd century).

He was a disciple of Rabbi Yehoshua and colleague of Eleazar Chisma.[1] He maintained a scholarly intercourse with Johanan ben Nuri.[2]

He had a son, R. Ishmael ben Johanan ben Baroka, who was accounted in the fourth generation of the Jewish Tanna sages.


A considerable number of halakhot have been handed down in his name. Many of them, particularly those concerning marital and civil affairs, were adopted as law.[3]

He is also cited in the aggadah. According to him, the saying "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth,"[4] implies that the duty of propagating humanity devolves upon woman as well as upon man.[5] He taught that whoever profanes the name of God, even secretly, is punished publicly, whether the deed is committed intentionally or unintentionally.[6]


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