John Indi

John Indi is an actor known for his roles in A Far Off Place (1993), Mandela, and Incident at Victoria Falls (1992). Indi and his actor wife Kubi Indi, started a company making beauty products company based in Africa.


After Zimbabwe became independent, Indi and his wife Chaza returned to the country. There they started a beauty products company called Kubi Cosmetics which is now a well-known brand in Southern Africa. It makes products that specifically for African skin and hair.[1]


He played the part of the witch doctor in the 1982 film Shamwari which starred Ian Yule and Ken Gampu.[2] He had a major role, playing the part of Oliver Tambo in the TV movie Mandela which was released in 1987.[3][4] Another prominent role he had was paying the part of Khumalo in the Bill Corcoran directed film Incident at Victoria Falls which was released in 1992.[5] He appeared as Bamuthi in the 1993 adventure film, A Far Off Place which was directed by Mikael Salomon.[6] he had a part in Ruggero Deodato's Sotto il cielo dell'Africa aka Thinking About Africa which was released in 1999.[7]

Filmography (selective)

Feature and television films Actor
Title Role Director Year Notes #
Shamwari Witchdoctor Clive Harding 1982
Mandela Oliver Tambo Ronald Harwood 1987 TV movie
Incident at Victoria Falls Khumalo Bill Corcoran 19922
A Far Off Place Bamuthi Mikael Salomon 1993
Television Actor
Title Episode Role Director Year Notes #
Passeur d'enfants L'enfant de Soweto Adam Cotto Franck Apprederis 1996
Kongo 1959-1960 Eunungu 1997 Mini series
Soldier Soldier Chain of Command Rebel leader Roger Tucker 1997
Sotto il cielo dell'Africa Mowanda Ruggero Deodato 1999


Stage Actor
Title Role Director Year Notes #
Scrooge Ebenezer Scrooge 2012-2013 Christian Family Church production

He is also well known as a voiceover artist and has made a few ads for Chicken Licken[9] as well as Kiwi Shoe polish.



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