John and Julie
Film poster
Directed byWilliam Fairchild
Written byWilliam Fairchild
Produced byHerbert Mason
CinematographyArthur Grant
Edited byBernard Gribble
Music byPhilip Green
Distributed byBritish Lion Films (UK)
Release date
  • 26 July 1955 (1955-07-26) (UK)
Running time
82 min.
CountryUnited Kingdom
Box office£154,494 (UK)[1]

John and Julie is a 1955 British comedy film written and directed by William Fairchild for Group 3 Films and distributed by British Lion Films. The cast includes Colin Gibson and Lesley Dudley as John and Julie respectively. Other stars include Noelle Middleton and Moira Lister, and featuring Peter Sellers and Sid James in early screen roles. It marked the film debut of Valerie Buckley. In 1953, two children are determined to see the Queen and decide to make their way to London.

John and Julie was released to cinemas in the United Kingdom on 26 July 1955 over two years after the Coronation of Elizabeth II.


The film is set in 1953 in the week leading up to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

John (Gibson) and Julie (Dudley) are two young children from Dorset who are eager to see the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in spite of the fact that their respective parents have no intention of going. When the two are left alone they decide to run off to London to see John's 'Uncle Ben' who is in the Life Guards and therefore "he knows the queen".

They steal a horse and take it to the railway station where they buy two tickets to London but John is put off when he loses his ticket. Luckily Julie gets off too. Next Julie joins a group of Brownies on their chartered bus to London, but John is not allowed on because he is a boy. He steals a bike to follow the bus, with each theft leaving an apology note. Julie asks the bus to stop to go to the toilet but is actually trying to feed John.

Eventually in London they get separated in the huge crowd. Julie is taken under the wing of a well-dressed street girl. They are reunited in Trafalgar Square.

Along their way, they encounter different quirky and eccentric people who help them achieve their goal and see the Queen's procession.

At the end of the film all the individuals who were part of the story appear in the crowds watching the Queen go to her coronation.


Frazer Hines who later became known for his portrayal of Jamie McCrimmon in Doctor Who had a minor role.[2]


Filming took place at Beaconsfield Studios. It is interspersed with footage from the day of the coronation.[3]


In September 1956, Maclean's film reviewer, Clyde Gilmour described the film as, "A predictable little comedy-adventure, good fun for most youngsters and bolstered by newsreel shots of the actual event."[4][5]

Halliwell's Film Video & DVD Guide describes the film as, "Genial little family comedy full of stock comic characters."[6]

Box Office

According to the National Film Finance Corporation, the film made a comfortable profit.[7][8] According to Kinematograph Weekly it was a "money maker" at the British box office in 1955.[9]

Home Media

In 2007, John and Julie was released on DVD as part of the Long Lost Comedy Classics collection.[10]


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