Johns River
The Johns River downstream from its source at Cherry Pond
Johns River (New Hampshire) is located in New Hampshire
Johns River (New Hampshire)
Johns River (New Hampshire) is located in the United States
Johns River (New Hampshire)
CountryUnited States
StateNew Hampshire
TownsJefferson, Whitefield, Dalton
Physical characteristics
SourceCherry Pond
 • locationJefferson
 • coordinates44°22′26″N 71°31′8″W / 44.37389°N 71.51889°W / 44.37389; -71.51889
 • elevation1,109 ft (338 m)
MouthConnecticut River
 • location
 • coordinates
44°25′35″N 71°40′34″W / 44.42639°N 71.67611°W / 44.42639; -71.67611Coordinates: 44°25′35″N 71°40′34″W / 44.42639°N 71.67611°W / 44.42639; -71.67611
 • elevation
837 ft (255 m)
Length14 mi (23 km)
Basin features
 • leftAyling Brook, Carroll Stream, Bog Brook, Chase Brook

The Johns River (also called "John's River"), in northern New Hampshire, arises at Cherry Pond in Jefferson and runs approximately 14 miles (23 km), generally northwest, to the Connecticut River.[1] It passes through Hazens Pond, near the Mount Washington Regional Airport, traverses the town of Whitefield, where it is crossed by U.S. Route 3, and then crosses the town of Dalton before joining the Connecticut. It is named for an early hunter and trapper of the area, John Glines, who established a fishing and hunting camp in the area in the 18th century. Another nearby river, the Israel River, is named for John's brother Israel.

The river basin drains numerous small ponds, including Martin Meadow Pond, Weeks Pond, Weed Pond, Clark Pond, Burns Pond (formerly Long Pond), Richardson Pond/Marsh, Hazens Pond, Cherry and Little Cherry Pond, Forest Lake and Mirror Lake (formerly Blake Pond). Tributaries include Chase Brook, Carroll Stream, Bear Brook, Leonard Brook, Cherry Mountain Brook, Carter Brook and Bog Brook. The watershed area is bounded by the eastern slope of the Dalton Mountain Range, the southern slope of Prospect Mountain and the western slope of Cherry Mountain (also called Mount Martha).

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