Pope Francis & Patriarch Bartholomew

The Joint International Commission for Theological Dialogue Between the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church was established by the Holy See and 14 autocephalous Orthodox churches.

Plenary sessions

The commission's first ten years of work reflected the growing consensus between the two communions and saw the publication of three agreed statements on such issues as the relationship between the Trinity, the Church and Eucharist; the sacraments of initiation and the connection between common faith and sacramental communion; and the theology of the ordained ministry.[1]

The commission has held the following plenary sessions:

Seventh Plenary Session (Balamand, Lebanon)

The seventh plenary session took place from June 17 to 24th, 1993. According to the Communique, also known as the Balamand declaration, the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the attendant collapse of the Warsaw Pact in Central and Eastern Europe brought about "profound changes... involving the rebirth of religious liberty and the resumption of open pastoral activity by the Oriental Catholic Churches".[7] The session declared that these changes had "made these questions the touchstone of the quality of the relations between the Catholic and the Orthodox Churches." In particular, the question of Uniatism became the focus of attention.

Eighth Plenary Session (Emmitsburg, United States)

The eighth plenary session took place from July 9 to 19th, 2000 and centered on the theme of the "Ecclesiological and Canonical Implications of Uniatism"[8]

Ninth Plenary Session (Belgrade, Serbia)

The ninth plenary session of the commission was held from 18 September to 25 September 2006 in Belgrade, Serbia.

The theme discussed was "Conciliarity and Authority in the Church". Following the session, Pope Benedict XVI visited Patriarch Bartholomew at Phanar on 30 November 2006.[9]

Tenth Plenary Session (Ravenna, Italy)

See also: Declaration of Ravenna

The tenth meeting took place in Ravenna, Italy from October 8 to 14th, 2007.

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