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Joinville Island group
Nickname: PeePee Islands
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Satellite picture of the group
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Joinville Island group:
Coordinates63°15′S 55°45′W / 63.250°S 55.750°W / -63.250; -55.750Coordinates: 63°15′S 55°45′W / 63.250°S 55.750°W / -63.250; -55.750
ArchipelagoJoinville Island group
Administered under the Antarctic Treaty System

Joinville Island group is a group of antarctic islands, lying off the northeastern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, from which Joinville Island group is separated by the Antarctic Sound. Joinville Island, located at 63°15′S 55°45′W / 63.250°S 55.750°W / -63.250; -55.750, is the largest island of the Joinville Island group. Immediately north of Joinville Island and separated by Larsen Channel lies D'Urville Island, Antarctica, the northernmost island of the Joinville Island group, being located at 63°05′S 56°20′W / 63.083°S 56.333°W / -63.083; -56.333.

The Joinville Island group was discovered in 1838 by a French expedition under Captain Jules Dumont d'Urville.

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