Jonker Walk
Jonker Street
Jonker Walk
Native namePersiaran Jonker  (Malay)
LocationMelaka City, Melaka, Malaysia
Coordinates2°11′48.2″N 102°14′47.5″E / 2.196722°N 102.246528°E / 2.196722; 102.246528Coordinates: 2°11′48.2″N 102°14′47.5″E / 2.196722°N 102.246528°E / 2.196722; 102.246528
Night market along Jonker Walk
Night market along Jonker Walk

The Jonker Walk (Malay: Persiaran Jonker, Chinese: 雞場街; pinyin: Jīcháng jiē) is the Chinatown street of Melaka, Malaysia located along Jonker Street (Malay: Jalan Hang Jebat).


During the Dutch Malacca, servants and subordinates of Dutch colonialists used to live at the nearby Heeren Street. However, as the Dutch left, it became noblemen's street. Rich Peranakans started to live and did business within the street area, giving the street a deep-rooted ethnic and cultural flavour. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the shops along the street closed down.[1]


The road starts from across Melaka River near the Stadthuys. The road is filled with historical houses along its left and right sides dating back to 17th century. It also has shops selling antiques, textiles, foods, handicrafts and souvenirs such as keychains and shirts.[2]

Tourist attractions

Attractions along and around the streets are:


Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening starting 6 p.m., the street is blocked for traffic and turns into night market.


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