at the 1990 Commonwealth Games
Judo pictogram.svg
VenueEast Pavilion, Auckland Expo Centre
LocationAuckland, New Zealand
Dates30 January – 3 February 1990
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Judo at the 1990 Commonwealth Games was the second time (but first official time) that Judo at the Commonwealth Games was included as a sport. It had been held as a demonstration sport four years earlier at the 1986 Commonwealth Games.[1] The sport took place in the East Pavilion at the Auckland Expo Center, with the flooring only just completed in time for competition.[2][3]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Extra Lightweight  Carl Finney (ENG)  Kevin West (CAN)  James Charles (WAL)
 Narender Singh (IND)
Half Lightweight  Brent Cooper (NZL)  Mark Preston (SCO)  Mark Adshead (ENG)
 Jean-Pierre Cantin (CAN)
Lightweight  Roy Stone (ENG)  Majemite Omagbaluwaje (NGR)  William Cusack (SCO)
 Colin Savage (NIR)
Half Middleweight  David Southby (ENG)  Graeme Spinks (NZL)  Gavin Kelly (AUS)
 Colin Savage (NIR)
Middleweight  Densign White (ENG)  Winston Sweatman (SCO)  Chris Bacon (AUS)
 Roger Cote (CAN)
Half Heavyweight  Ray Stevens (ENG)  Dean Lampkin (AUS)  Graham Campbell (SCO)
 James Kendrick (CAN)
Heavyweight  Elvis Gordon (ENG)  Tom Greenway (CAN)  Wayne Watson (NZL)
Open  Elvis Gordon (ENG)  Mario Laroche (CAN)  Graham Campbell (SCO)
 Majemite Omagbaluwaje (NGR)
Extra Lightweight  Karen Briggs (ENG)  Helen Duston (WAL)  Julie Reardon (AUS)
 Donna Robertson (SCO)
Half Lightweight  Sharon Rendle (ENG)  Claire Shiach (SCO)  Catherine Grainger (AUS)
 Lisa Griffiths (WAL)
Lightweight  Loretta Cusack (SCO)  Suzanne Williams (AUS)  Ann Hughes (ENG)
 Moira Sutton (WAL)
Half Middleweight  Diane Bell (ENG)  Donna Guy-Halkyard (NZL)  Mandy Clayton (CAN)
 Laurie Pace (MLT)
Middleweight  Sharon Mills (ENG)  Karen Hayde (CAN)  Narelle Hill (AUS)
 Joyce Malley (NIR)
Half Heavyweight  Jane Morris (ENG)  Alison Webb (CAN)  Phillipa Knowles (WAL)
 Christy Obekpa (NGR)
Heavyweight  Sharon Lee (ENG)  Geraldine Dekker (AUS)  Ruth Vondy (IOM)
 Linda Konkol (CAN)
Open  Sharon Lee (ENG)  Jane Patterson (CAN)  Geraldine Dekker (AUS)
 Nicola Morris (NZL)


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