Judo is one of the sports at the quadrennial Commonwealth Games competition. It was first competed as a demonstration sport at the 1986 Games before being included in the main program for the first time in 1990. Starting with the 2022 Games, Judo is a core sport that is required to be part of the sporting program of each edition of the Games,[1] having previously been an optional sport.


Games Year Host city Host country Best nation
XIV 1990 Auckland  New Zealand  England
XVII 2002 Manchester  England  England
XX 2014 Glasgow  Scotland  England
XXII 2022 Birmingham  England TBD

All-time medal table

Updated after the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

1 England288642
2 Scotland881531
3 Canada281121
4 Australia231318
5 New Zealand14611
6 Wales13913
7 South Africa1124
8 Fiji1012
9 India0358
10 Cyprus0202
11 Nigeria0156
12 Cameroon0134
 Northern Ireland0134
14 Pakistan0101
15 Mauritius0022
16 Ghana0011
Totals (18 nations)444484172


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