In Shin Yun-bok's genre painting titled Jusa geobae ("Holding a drinking party"), a jumak is depicted.
Korean name
Revised Romanizationjumak

In old Korean society, a Jumak was a kind of tavern or inn[1] that served alcoholic beverages and food and also provided lodging to travellers.[2] It was also called jusa (), juga (), or jupo (). While it is unknown when jumak first came into existence, historical documents show that a kisaeng (female entertainer), Cheongwan (天官), operated one. According to Samguk Yusa, a general of the Silla Kingdom, Kim Yu-sin, frequented the place when he was young. Other sources assume jumak first appeared in 1097 during King Sukjong's reign in the Goryeo Dynasty.[3]


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