Justin Jesse Price (1930 – 12 March 2011) was an American mathematician, known for several textbooks and contributions to his field.[1][2]

His Ph.D. dissertation at the University of Pennsylvania was I. Some Duality Theorems II. On the Characters of Certain Compact Abelian Groups advised by Nathan Fine (1956).[3] Price participated in a research project for the Air Force (1956–58) and joined the faculty at Cornell University as associate professor (1958–63). In 1963 he became professor at Purdue University, retiring in 2004.[4]

Price's research was in real analysis and orthogonal functions. In fact, his article on convergence of incomplete sets of orthogonal functions merited award from Mathematical Association of America.[5]

He had sabbaticals and stays at Paris, University College London, University of California, Berkeley and Harvard University. Several educational textbooks were collaborations with Purdue colleague Harley Flanders (see this for booklist).



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