Juventus Training Center
Vinovo Media Center - panoramio.jpg
Coordinates44°58′40″N 07°36′58″E / 44.97778°N 7.61611°E / 44.97778; 7.61611Coordinates: 44°58′40″N 07°36′58″E / 44.97778°N 7.61611°E / 44.97778; 7.61611
OwnerJuventus F.C.
TypeFootball training facility
Broke ground2004
Construction cost€ 12.5 million

The Juventus Training Center (colloquially known as "the Vinovo") is a football training facility owned by Juventus, located in Vinovo a comune 14 kilometres southwest of the city of Turin. Designed by GAU and Shesa,[1] the training ground features modern facilities and was opened in August 2006. The facility measures a total of 162,900 square meters and originally cost € 12.5 million.

Owned trough Campi di Vinovo S.p.A., controlled by the club to 71.3% until 2003,[2] until 2018, it was used as a training ground for the Juventus men's team until the construction of the new training center;[3] it is now exclusively used for the matches and training for that of the Juventus youth sector (already from 2017), and that of the women's team.[4]


The training area includes:[5][6]

The media center includes:



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