Juyubit (also, Jujubit) was one of the largest villages[1] of Tongva people. The village was located at the foot of the West Coyote Hills at the confluence of the Coyote and La Cañada Verde creeks, in present-day Cerritos.

Alternate names of the village include: Jujubit, Jutucubit, Jutucuvit, Jutubit, Jutucunga, Utucubit, Otocubit, Uchubit, Ychubit, and Uchunga.[2]

Records from the San Fernando and San Gabriel missions record 347 baptisms from Juyubit between 1774 and 1804. However, because of incorrect and/or inaccurate village naming records, more Juyubit villagers may have been baptized at these missions.[3] Death records of the San Gabriel Mission rancherias show that, between 1774 and 1787, Juyubit and its surrounding area had 26 deaths.[4] By 1840, much of Juyubit's population was absorbed into Missions San Juan Capistrano and San Gabriel.[5]

Versions of Juyubit are mentioned in the narrative legend of late 18th—early 19th century Tongvan heroine Toypurina.


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