KH Coder
Developer(s)Koichi Higuchi
Stable release
2.00f / Dec 2015
Preview release
3.Beta.01 / Mar 2020
Operating systemMicrosoft Windows, Linux, macOS
TypeQualitative data analysis, Text mining, Content analysis
LicenseGPL2 license

KH Coder is an open source software for computer assisted qualitative data analysis, particularly quantitative content analysis and text mining. It can be also used for computational linguistics. It supports processing and etymological information of text in several languages, such as Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Specifically, it can contribute factual examination co-event system hub structure, computerized arranging guide, multidimensional scaling and comparative calculations.[1]

It is well received by researchers worldwide and used in a large number of disciplines, including neuroscience, sociology, psychology, public health, media studies, education research and computer science. There are more than 500 English research papers listed in Google scholar.[2] More than 3500 academic research papers were published that use KH Coder according to a list compiled by the author.[3]

KH Coder has been reviewed as a user friendly tool "for identifying themes in large unstructured data sets, such as online reviews or open-ended customer feedback"[4] and has been reviewed in comparison to WordStat.[5]


Its features include:

KH Coder allows for further search and statistical analysis functions using back-end tools such as Stanford POS Tagger, the natural language processing toolkit FreeLing, Snowball stemmer, MySQL and R.


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