KMGU container under a Czech Air Force MiG-23
TypeSubmunition delivery system
Place of originSoviet Union
Service history
Used bySoviet Air Force
WarsSoviet–Afghan War
Filling96 (8×12) AO–2,5RT 2,5 kilogram-mass high explosive mines
96 (8×12) PTM–1 anti-tank mines
156 PFM–1S mines

KMGU (Russian: Контейнер малогабаритных грузов унифицированный, Unified Container for Small-sized Load) is a Soviet munitions dispenser similar to the British JP233 and the German MW-1. It can be carried by most Soviet and Russian attack aircraft, including the MiG-23, the MiG-27, the MiG-29, the Su-22, the Su-24, the Su-25, the Su-27, the Su-30, and the Su-34 and the Mi-24, Ka-50 and the Ka-52 attack helicopter. The cylindrical aluminum fuselage is divided into 8 sections, each has its own pneumatically opened doors. It can be filled with:

KMGU-2 is an advanced version of the system. Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons restricts usage of such weapon systems.


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