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Kapadi, also known as Kapdi is a small community in Gujarat.[1]


The Kapdi Sampradaya claim to be descendants of Raja Raghu who is an ancestor of Lord Rama, the guide of the Hindu deity Rama, Rama's army as they marched through the desert to Hinglaj.[2]

This dress was given by Rama to one Laljusraj, who accompanied him on the trip. Laljusraj is said to be the founder of the Kapdi sect in Hinglaj. It is believed that it is the same dress, that is preserved at Mekan Dada Temple at Dhrang.[3]

They worship Ashapura Mata and make visit the Hinglaj Mata mandir in Balochistan, Pakistan.[4]

The Kapdis consider Mekan Dada to be an incarnation of Lakshmana, the younger brother of Rama, and he visited the site of Hinglaj at the end of the 17th century. The Kapadis consider anyone who performs the pilgrimage to Hinglaj to be Kapdi as well.[2]

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