Type of site
Internet forum, file sharing
RegistrationRequired; by invitation only

Karagarga is a members-only Internet forum, BitTorrent tracker, and file sharing archive used primarily for sharing and downloading films considered to be obscure or rare.[1][2] The website's community of members are dedicated to "creating a comprehensive library of arthouse, cult, classic, experimental and rare movies from all over the world."[3] Karagarga is closed to the public, and is accessible by exclusive invitation only.[1][2]

Karagarga's archive contains tens of thousands of films, many of which are unavailable for acquisition or viewing by other means.[1] Members are prohibited by the website's moderators from uploading films considered to be Hollywood productions or mainstream blockbusters.[1][2] The archive also contains books, magazines, albums and television series.[1] Beyond sharing media, members have also been known to create subtitles for films in languages not previously made available, such as English subtitles for a number of films by Iranian director Sohrab Shahid-Saless.[4]


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