Karka II
Rashtrakuta Emperor
Reignc. 972 – c. 991 CE
PredecessorKhottiga Amoghavarsha
SuccessorTailapa II

Karka II (r. 972 – 991 CE)[1] was a Rashtrakuta Emperor who succeeded his uncle Khottiga Amoghavarsha. By this time the once great Rashtrakuta empire was in decline and the weaknesses created by the earlier plunder of Manyakheta by Paramara King Siyaka II exposed the Rashtrakutas to further depredation who did not survive for long. During this time of confusion, Chalukya Tailapa II declared independence and killed Karka II, capturing the Rashtrakuta capital Manyakheta.[2][3]

Karka II was a son of Nirupama, a Rashtrakuta prince who was the younger brother of Khottiga, the previous Rashtrakuta emperor.[3][4]


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Preceded byKhottiga Amoghavarsha Rashtrakuta Emperor 972–991 Succeeded byIndra IV