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Entrance to Batu Caves, Malaysia, with the Lord Murugan statue
Regions with significant populations
South India • Sri Lanka  • Singapore • Malaysia
Tamil • others
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The Om symbol in Tamil. Om in the Tamil script is seen in most Murugan temples.
The Om symbol in Tamil. Om in the Tamil script is seen in most Murugan temples.

Murugan is a Hindu denomination that primarily venerates the Hindu deity of war, Kumaran, also known as Murugan (in South India), Kandan, or Kadamban, or Kartikeya, aarumugan, . Most devotees of Kumaran also revere members of his family: Parvati, Shiva, and Ganesha, as well his consorts, Devasena and Sundaravalli, the daughters of Vishnu in Tamil tradition.[1] The important theological texts relating to Kumara are a part of the Shaiva agama canon. This sub-tradition is found among the Tamils, Kannadigas, and the Vedda, in South India, Sri Lanka, and among the Tamil diaspora worldwide.[2] The love story of Kumara/Murugan and his wife Valli, a girl from a local tribe, is popular in Tamil Nadu, where Kumara acquired the status of a national god.[3][note 1]

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  1. ^ The term Kaumaram also means "childhood, youth" in Hindu texts, as in verse 2.13 of the Bhagavad Gita.[4] It is sometimes a substitute for Brahmacharya stage of life.[5]


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