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Keating Supercars
FounderAnthony Keating
Bolton, England
United Kingdom
WebsiteOfficial page

Keating Supercars is a low-volume kit car manufacturer based in Bolton, England. They made their debut in July 2006 with the launch of the TKR. They built four cars since its launch, the SKR, TKR, ZKR and the Bolt. At the racing car show, Autosport International 2016, Keating Supercars unveiled a road version of the Bolt to be sold in the US. Anthony Keating is the founder and CEO of Keating Supercars and designer of the Keating SKR, TKR and ZKR. Keating was born in Manchester, UK and took a course at the Automobile Engineering institute at the University of Bolton, UK. Keating graduated with an MBA in Business in 2012 and, together with students from the University of Bolton, hopes to build and make the Keating Bolt, the world's fastest production car, reaching more than 300 miles per hour. Keating Supercars plan to sell around 30 cars a year.[1]

Keating Supercars Models

Keating Berus
Keating Berus

Keating Berus

The Berus was unveiled at the Top Marques Monaco show in April 2017. Taking its name from the venomous snake Vipera berus, with a host of impressive features, the Berus comes in two versions. With an alleged top speed of 230 mph+ and 0-60 mph in 2.4 seconds[citation needed]., the V8 Berus is the latest addition to the Keating range. There is also the Electric Berus available with 201 to 402 hp (150 to 300 kW) and 1,054 lb⋅ft (1,429 N⋅m) of torque.[2]

Keating Bolt

The Bolt launching in 2013, and designed to outperform supercar competition using high-tech lightweight materials to reduce the power to weight ratio, but aiming to increase the car's performance figures to a top speed of 340 mph.

The Bolt's engine design is based on a Chevrolet V8, but almost all the other components are engineered by Keating Supercars and other UK companies.[citation needed].

Keating TKR

In 2008, The TKR was built primarily for competition and track use. It was soon followed by the SKR, based on the TKR, but designed as a road car. In October 2009 the Keating TKR, a twin turbo mid-engine supercar boasting 2,500 hp (1,864 kW) allegedly hit 260.1 mph on a dry lake bed at Salt Lake Flats in California.[citation needed] However, the test run was deemed unofficial as the car broke down before it could complete the return run in the opposite direction on the lake bed; in addition the vehicle still wouldn't have qualified as it was modified and didn't abide by the rule that it must be commercially available. In 2010 the TKR was to attempt to break the blind land speed record, until the car crashed on a test run and did not attempt this record.[citation needed]

Keating SKR

The Keating SKR high performance car appeared at the British Motor Show in 2006.[citation needed].

Keating ZKR

In April 2011 the Keating ZKR was unveiled at the "Monaco Top Marques show" held at the Grimaldi Forum, Monaco. The ZKR is a sleek supercar which can reach 60 mph in 3.6 seconds and can produce 650 hp (485 kW).


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