Kennedy Energy Park
  • Australia
Coordinates21°S 145°E / 21°S 145°E / -21; 145Coordinates: 21°S 145°E / 21°S 145°E / -21; 145
Construction began2018
Solar farm
TypeFlat-panel PV
Wind farm
Site usageFarm Land
Rotor diameter
  • 136 m (446 ft)
Power generation
Units planned12 × 3.45 MW
Nameplate capacity50 MW
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Kennedy Energy Park is a wind, solar and storage hybrid power station approximately 20 km south east of Hughenden and 290 km southwest of Townsville in Queensland.

Stage one of the project is a “proof-of-concept” commenced construction 2018, consisting of 30 MW of wind turbines, 20 MW of single axis tracking Solar Panels, and 2 MW of Li ion battery storage, costing $120 million to build and expected to be operational in 2020.[1] It was constructed in 2018 but did not start to connect to the grid until July 2021.[2] It is intended that the combination of solar and wind generation will be complementary and lead to stable output.[3]

Stage two is proposed to be capable of producing 1200 MW of renewable energy, costing $2 billion and was hoped to commence construction before the end of 2020.[4]

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