Members of the Mongolian Internal Troops in riot gear during the 2010 exercise.
Members of the Mongolian Internal Troops in riot gear during the 2010 exercise.

Khaan Quest (Mongolian: Хааны эрэлд) is an annual Mongolian military exercise held for a week in the summertime. It brings together over a dozen foreign militaries to engage in the sharing of practices for multinational peacekeeping operations.[1] In the exercise, personnel gain United Nations peacekeeper training as well as certification for support of peacekeeping operations.[2] According to Mongolian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Tserendejidiin Byambajav, "Khaan Quest has become one of the signature training events for the participating nations."[3]

Since its establishment in 2003, it has been held in the Five Hills Training Area. It only became an international exercise in 2006, originally being a joint exercise between the Mongolian Armed Forces and the U.S. Pacific Command.[4][5][6] It is usually opened by an opening ceremony attended by the President of Mongolia.


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