Khudam community
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Islam 100%

The Khadim Sahibzadgaan Syedzadgaan Rajasthani: ख़ादिम, Urdu: خادم plural Khuddam Urdu:(خدام)Rajasthani: गद्दीना is an ancient Sayyaid (سید) Muslim community found in the present state of Rajasthan in Ajmer.[2] Nearly 900 years ago they settled in Ajmer

History and origin

The name "Khadim" comes from the Arabic )(خادم)khadim those who are always present in service or care. The Khadem of Ajmer (Syedzadgaan) are Syed by origin and trace their genealogy from Syed Imam Musa Al Kazim by his son Syed Hussain.


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