Khukhragarh is located in Jharkhand
Shown within Jharkhand
Khukhragarh is located in India
Khukhragarh (India)
Alternative nameKhukhra
LocationJharkhand, India
Coordinates23°19′58″N 84°55′29″E / 23.332667°N 84.924685°E / 23.332667; 84.924685Coordinates: 23°19′58″N 84°55′29″E / 23.332667°N 84.924685°E / 23.332667; 84.924685
BuilderBhim Karn
Founded12th century
Abandoned17th century
Associated withNagvanshi
Site notes
Excavation dates2007-2009

Khukhragarh was one of the capitals of Nagvanshi dynasty, who once ruled in parts of the Indian state of Jharkhand. It is located in the Bero block in the Ranchi Sadar subdivision of Ranchi district.


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Nagvanshi ruler Bhim Karn shifted his capital to Khukhragarh in the twelfth century.[1] In 1585, during the reign of Madhu Singh, the Mughals invaded under Akbar's general Shahbaz Khan Kamboh.[2][3][4]


The archaeological department has excavated the remains of the Nagvanshi dynasty's fort dating back to 12th century AD. Archaeologists have also found an ancient temple complex, coins and pottery.[1]


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