Kikkli dancing

Kikkli (Punjabi: ਕਿੱਕਲੀ, pronounced: kick-lee), also spelled as Kikli, is one of the folk dances of Punjabi females[1] performed by two girls holding hands and twirling each other in circle and balancing their positions in circular motions.[2] It is generally popular in young girls and performed in pairs.[3][4] A variety of songs are used with clapping.

Dancing style

Photograph of Punjabi women performing 'Kikkli', a traditional Punjabi folk dance

It is more of a sport than a dance for young girls.[4] Two girls stands face to face close to each other and hold their hands crossing arms with their bodies inclined back;[1][2][5] in this position their arms are stretched to the maximum and hands interlock firmly.[5] Then they wheel round fast continuously with their dupattas floating in the air and anklets making tinkling sound.[4][5] The other ladies encourages them to go faster and faster by singing songs with clapping.[2] Sometimes it is done by four girls. The folk song related to the dance has much variety.

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