Kildermot Abbey
Cill Diarmada
Kildermot Abbey
Location within Ireland
Monastery information
Other namesKildermot Church, Kildermott Abbey
OrderPremonstratensians (Norbertines)
Established13th century
Heritage designation
Official nameKildermot Church
Reference no.402
LocationKildermot, Attymass, County Mayo
Coordinates54°03′30″N 9°05′25″W / 54.058363°N 9.090197°W / 54.058363; -9.090197
Visible remainschurch
Public accessyes

Kildermot Abbey is a former Premonstratensian Priory and National Monument located in County Mayo, Ireland.[1]


Kildermot Abbey is located on the west bank of Ballymore Lough, 1 km northwest of Attymass.[2][3]


Kildermot Abbey was founded Premonstratensian Canons (Norbertines), who were already established in the area at this time.

It is possible the Abbey and its townland are now known as Kildermot due to patronage by the Mac Diarmada; no connection to any St Dermot can be claimed.

The Abbey was partially destroyed after the Penal Laws of 1697.

Two holy water fonts from the Abbey were recovered from the lake by a Mr. Thomas Gallagher. One has been returned to the Abbey, while the other is in the National Museum of Ireland.

Kildermot Abbey became a National Monument in 1939.

Dawn Mass is celebrated annually at the ruins on Easter Sunday.[4]


The church's west gable is pulled down, but the foundation is still traceable. Its side walls and east gable remain.

In this gable is a lancet window, widened inside and arched above, fashioned of rudely cut stones. The whole church measures 5.5 m × 3.5 m (18 ft × 11 ft).[5]


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