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King Jingmin of Wei
King of Wei
Reign242–228 BCE
PredecessorKing Anxi
Died228 BCE
Ancestral name: (姬)
Lineage name: Wèi (魏)
Given name: Zēng (增) or Wǔ (午)
Posthumous name
King Jingmin (景湣王 or 景愍王)
King Jing (景王)
King Min (愍王)
FatherKing Anxi of Wei

King Jingmin of Wei (Chinese: 魏景湣王) (died 228 BC, ruled 242–228 BC), personal name Wei Wu (Chinese: 魏午) was the penultimate king of Wei. He was son of King Anxi of Wei. He made an alliance with the states of Han, Zhao, Yan and Chu against the state of Qin. This alliance failed with Han's destruction by Qin in 230 BC.