Klaus Merz
Klaus Merz

Klaus Merz, (born 3 October 1945 in Aarau, canton Aargau) is a Swiss writer.


As a teacher (secondary school), Merz has worked in adult education. He has won several prices, e.g. the famous Hermann Hesse Prize for Literature in 1997, the „Gottfried Keller-Preis“ in 2004 and the „Werkpreis der schweizerischen Schillerstiftung“ in 2005.

He wrote a lot of narrations and stories, e.g. „Adams Kostüm“ or the short novel „Jakob schläft“. Merz has also made poems („Kurze Durchsage“) – his works are rather short. But the titles already show Merz’s special ability: He manages it, to place two or three banal words, one next to the other, and it starts “buzzing” amongst them.

Today, Merz lives in Unterkulm as a narrator and lyric poet.

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