A Zhytomyr burger wearing burka or kobenyak, 1845
Traditional dress of Kiev Governorate, 1845

Kobeniak (Кобеняк) is a Ukrainian traditional male outer garment. Similar terms are Hungarian köpönyeg for "cloak", "mantle", "overcoat", and a historical Polish garment, kopieniak,[1] all terms being derived from the Turkish garment kepenek, which is a shepherd's garment. Kobeniak is also called burka (cf. "Burka (Caucasus)"), kireya, or siryak (бурка, кирея, сіряк).[2]

A kobenyak was the widest garment, so that it could be worn even on top of a kozhukh (fur coat). A distinctive feature is a hood which could cover nearly all the face, with a cut for the eyes and possibly for the mouth, which may be folded back.[2]


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