Kolia Bhomora Setu
Kolia Bhomora Bridge.jpg
View of the bridge just after sunset
Coordinates26°35′55″N 92°51′30″E / 26.5986°N 92.8583°E / 26.5986; 92.8583
LocaleBetween Tezpur, Assam, India and Kaliabor, Assam, India
Official nameKolia Bhomora Setu
Maintained byGovernment of Assam
MaterialPre-stressed concrete
Total length3,015 metres (9,892 ft)
Longest span120 metres (390 ft)
No. of spans24
Construction start1981
Construction end1987

Kolia Bhomora Setu, an existing bridge completed in 1987, is a 3.015 km long pre-stressed concrete road bridge on NH-715 over the Brahmaputra River in Tezpur Assam state of India, which connects Tezpur in Sonitpur district on northern bank with Kaliabor in Nagaon District on the south bank. It is named after the Ahom General Kolia Bhomora Phukan.[1][2][3] A new Bhomoraguri-Tezpur Bridge 3.249 km long, few meters parallel to the existing Kolia Bhomora Setu, is under-construction in 2021.[4]


In 1987, it was inaugurated by the then PM of India, Rajiv Gandhi, after completing its construction from 1981 to 1987.[3] On 14 April 1987, India Post issued an INR2 commemorative stamp of this.[5][6] In 1988, American Concrete Institute awarded Hindustan Construction Company the Certificate of Merit for the Most Outstanding Concrete Structure.[7] In 2016, the collection of toll was stopped due to complaints that the bridge construction cost was Rs. 80 crore which was below tollable ceiling of Rs. 100 crores.[8]

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