Stable release
23.08.4[2] Edit this on Wikidata / 7 December 2023
Written inC++
Operating systemUnix-like
TypeRaster graphics editor
LicenseBSD license,[3] LGPL-2.0+, GFDL-1.2

KolourPaint is a free and open-source raster graphics editor by KDE. It is similar to Microsoft Paint before the version shipped with Windows 7,[4] but has some additional features such as support for transparency, color balance and image rotation.[5][6]

It aims to be conceptually simple to understand, providing a level of functionality targeted towards the average user. KolourPaint is designed for casual work such as:

In version K Desktop Environment 3.3, KolourPaint replaced KPaint as the standard simple painting application.[7]

KolourPaint has a port to Microsoft Windows[8] as part of the KDE on Windows initiative. KolourPaint also has ports to MacOS but they are very complicated and require coding knowledge or command line knowledge.[9][10]

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