Konar Dam
Konar Dam
Konar Dam
Konar Dam is located in Jharkhand
Konar Dam
Location of Konar Dam (marked in red) in Jharkhand
LocationHazaribagh District, Jharkhand, India
Coordinates23°56′28″N 85°46′30″E / 23.94111°N 85.77500°E / 23.94111; 85.77500Coordinates: 23°56′28″N 85°46′30″E / 23.94111°N 85.77500°E / 23.94111; 85.77500
Opening date15 October 1955
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsKonar River
Height48.77 metres (160.0 ft)
Length4,535 metres (14,879 ft)
Surface area27.92 sq Km
Power Station
Operator(s)Damodar Valley Corporation

Konar dam is the second of the four multi-purpose dams included in the first phase of the Damodar Valley Corporation. It was constructed across the Konar River, a tributary of the Damodar River in Hazaribagh district in the Indian state of Jharkhand and opened in 1955.[1] The place has scenic beauty and has been developed as a recreational spot.[2]


Cities, towns and locations in Hazaribagh district in North Chotanagpur Division
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Konar Dam is located at 23°56′28″N 85°46′30″E / 23.94111°N 85.77500°E / 23.94111; 85.77500.

Konar Dam is 4,535 metres (14,879 ft) long and 48.77 metres (160.0 ft) high. The reservoir covers an area of 27.92 km2.[3]

Note: The map alongside presents some of the notable locations in the district. All places marked in the map are linked in the larger full screen map.

DVC overview

Survey work at Konar Dam site in 1949
Survey work at Konar Dam site in 1949
Damodar Basin
Damodar Basin

As a result of the catastrophic flood of 1943, the Governor of Bengal appointed the Damodar Flood enquiry committee to suggest remedial measures. It suggested the creation of an authority similar to that of the Tennessee Valley Authority in the United States. W.L. Voorduin, senior engineer of TVA, prepared a preliminary report wherein he submitted an outline of a plan designed for achieving flood control, irrigation, power generation and navigation. As a result, Damodar Valley Corporation came into existence in 1948 for development and management of the basin as a whole. Voorduin envisaged the construction of eight dams and a barrage, but it was later decided to have only four dams, at Tilaiya, Konar, Maithon and Panchet, and Durgapur Barrage.[4]

The first dam was built across the Barakar River at Tilaiya and inaugurated in 1953. The second dam across the Konar River was inaugurated in 1955. The third dam across the Barakar at Maithon was inaugurated in 1957. The fourth dam across the Damodar at Panchet was inaugurated in 1959.[5]


Konar Dam is located 41 kilometres (25 mi) south-east of Hazaribagh.[1]


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