Kongad Kuttisankaran
SpeciesElephas maximus (Asian Elephant)
Bornc. 1962
Nilambur, Kerala
Died26 July 2020
Nation fromIndia
Known forThrissur Pooram, Poorams
OwnerKongad Thirumandamkunnu temple
Height3.01 m (9 ft 11 in)

Gajarajan Kongad Kuttisankaran (c. 1962 — 26 July 2020) was an elephant that lived in Kongad, Palakkad, Kerala.[1][2] He is one among the few native elephants born in Kerala to have a height of more than 300 cm.[3]

Kuttisankaran was born at the Nilambur Forest.[4] After leaving the forest at a very young age, he was offered to the Kongad Thirumandhamkunnu temple in 1969.[5] He has won the titles of Adyan Thampuran, Ibhakula Chakravarti and Gajarajan.[6] Kuttisankaran was one of the most famous elephants in the folklore of Kerala.[7][8] According to experts from Madangasastram, he was characterized by 18 claws, a protruding trunk, a long tail and beautiful eyes. [9]

Kuttisankaran was a regular at festivals including Thrissur Pooram, Nemmara Vela, Puthussery Vedi and Mannarkkad Pooram.[10] Kuttisankaran last participated in the Mannarkkad Pooram after which he went to treatment for age related problems and months later, he died on 26 July 2020.[11][12]


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