Kosmos 1267
TKS spacecraft drawing (svg).svg
TKS spacecraft diagram
Module statistics
COSPAR ID1981-039A
Part ofSalyut 6
Launch date1981-04-25
02:01:00 UTC
Launch vehicleProton-K
Mass19,000 kg
References: [1]
Salyut 7 and Cosmos 1686 drawing.png

Configuration of a TKS-Salyut combined space station

Kosmos 1267 (Russian: Космос 1267 meaning Cosmos 1267), also known as TKS-2, was an unmanned TKS spacecraft which docked to the Soviet space station Salyut 6 as part of tests to attach scientific expansion modules to stations in Earth orbit. The module which docked to the station was the FGB component of a TKS vehicle launched on April 25, 1981. The spacecraft's VA return capsule separated and landed in the Soviet Union on 1982-05-26.[2]


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